Prebio D is indicated for the oral treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea and in painful symptomatology of gastrointestinal disorders. The active components of PREBIO D are diosmectite and prebiotic fibers formulated in sachet powder. Diosmectite is natural clay with lamellar crystalline structure providing it strong adsorbent properties so that it manages to retain liquid in the instestinal lumen, thus increasing the stool consistency and slowing down the stool expulsion. Diosmectite’s adsorbing capacity allows PREBIO D to interact with glycoproteins of the mucosal film covering the gastro-duodenal wall; PREBIO D forms a protective gel against acid hypersecretion and erosive substances. The prebiotic fibers having bifidogenic and lactogenic effects, restores the balance of the endogenous flora and thus help to normalize the intestinal transit.